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With Nokia’s devices business, and talent, under its belt Microsoft can now go about developing smartphones. We have seen leaked codenames for future devices, one of which is the McLaren. It is believed to be the first Microsoft developed smartphone to feature 3D Touch. A new report suggests that another 3D Touch touting smartphone is being developed by Redmond, one that could possibly be a successor for the Lumia 1520.

For those who don’t know 3D Touch basically uses hardware sensors to detect user interactions that are above the display’s glass. Users don’t have to touch the display. This technology was actually being developed by Nokia which tested it broadly via the Glance app that allows users to wave at their devices in order to see the time.

Neowin hears that the Microsoft McLaren is destined for the market this October and that it will have a 5.2-inch 1080p display, 64GB of onboard storage and a 20 megapixel rear camera. The other 3D Touch smartphone is said to have a 6-inch display that may be launched later this year as well.

This new feature could very well separate the low-end and high-end Windows Phone handsets from Microsoft. It is unclear which branding the company is going to use when the time comes to ship these devices. Recent reports suggest that its going to be the Nokia by Microsoft brand but Redmond hasn’t confirmed anything as yet.

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