ubuntu-touchNow this is definitely an interesting statistic no matter how you look at it – Ubuntu Touch, a mobile operating system platform that is ready, technically speaking, for a commercial release, has already hit the 100,000 app downloads mark. While this is far too small compared to the 1 billion downloads that Temple Run has achieved earlier this year, one ought to take into consideration that Ubuntu Touch itself has yet to ship on any other devices to date.

Canonical claims that the Ubuntu Touch software has already been installed more than 10,000 times by developers as well as beta testers, which is a relatively impressive feat at first, but one ought to take note that a mere 600 new unique users jumped aboard this particular platform from the beginning of June. I guess this is really unchartered territory, since we have not seen an unreleased platform in recent memory that chalked up that amount of app downloads, and one will also need to take into consideration that this particular figure includes both app installs and app updates.

What do you think the potential of Ubuntu Touch will be like when it is finally released to the masses? Will it form a ‘third pillar’ of sorts in the mobile device category, or will it die off quietly?

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