vantablackThey say that the color black is pretty slimming because it helps to hide our curves. Well if you thought that your black shirt or black dress did a good job at making you look slim, you might be interested to learn that British scientists have created a new material that they are calling Vantablack.

The material is apparently so black and it absorbs 99.965% of light, thus eliminating any features of the objects that it coats, which you can see in the image above where it looks like there’s a black patch in the photo which is actually the Vantablack covering a portion of the aluminum foil. So apart from the obvious uses for stealth, what other purposes could Vantablack serve?

Well according to the scientists, it could be used to change the way sensitive imaging systems are made. This is because reflected light inside imaging devices like sensitive telescopes are apparently a major hurdle that needs to be overcome, so by introducing Vantablack, it could help make it easier to develop.

Apart from its absorption of light, the Vantablack material has thermal stability and can withstand vibrations, thus making it a candidate for constructing telescopes that are planned for a launch into space. Pretty cool, huh?

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