vivo-sapphire_1Will the iPhone 6 sport a sapphire display? Well the latest rumor seems to suggest otherwise and assuming that the report is true, it seems that Vivo could be beating Apple to the market with a sapphire smartphone of their own. According to a recent report from the Chinese media, word has it that Vivo is looking to launch a new smartphone that will sport a sapphire display.

The smartphone is said to feature a 5-inch display made from sapphire and will feature an all-metal frame, giving the handset a somewhat premium feel. The phone is also said to be priced at 3,998 yuan which is about $650 when converted which sounds about right for a high-end smartphone.

Unfortunately the specs of the Vivo handset remain unknown, but with those prices, presumably we are looking at some high-end specs. If this rumor is true, Vivo could be one of the first few companies out the door with a sapphire display. Back in 2013, the company made waves by being the first smartphone OEM to release a handset with a QHD display.

Interestingly enough this particular rumor seems to go against an earlier report in which other smartphone OEMs appeared to be less than enthused about using sapphire. Some OEMs claim that not only is sapphire more expensive, but they claim it is more brittle than glass and would be more prone to cracking if dropped on the floor. The advantage is that it is clearer when treated properly and is pretty hard to scratch.

In any case take it with a grain of salt for now, but what do you guys think? Could Vivo beat Apple to the market with a sapphire smartphone?

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