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New Report Suggests That Apple Is Leading The Market For 5G Smartphones
When Android handset makers were busy churning out 5G handsets a year ahead of Apple, many were wondering if Apple’s decision to come to the party late would have a negative impact. It turns out that it didn’t matter because according to a new report from Strategy Analytics, Apple is currently not just leading, but dominating the 5G smartphone market.

Vivo Promises Three Years Of Android Updates For Its Flagships
The problem with Android phones is that usually after two years, it’s anyone’s guess as to whether or not your phone will be receiving future updates. Sometimes you get lucky and your phone is updated for three years, sometimes you don’t, so it’s really a mixed bag, but Vivo wants to reassure their customers moving forwards.

Camera HW Scores #8: Budget Phones Update
Since we’ve added popular budget phone camera scores, it has been a while, so here they are, covering the sub-$199 to the sub-$499 market segment from the biggest names in the phone industry:  Oppo, Samsung, Vivo, and Xiaomi.This update shows the tremendous rise of mobile camera hardware quality in the lower segments of the mobile market. While high-end phones such as the Galaxy S21 Ultra have seen a relatively slow […]

Vivo Is Testing Out A Color Changing Smartphone
Smartphones tend to be offered in multiple color finishes and options depending on your needs and preferences, so unless you have a lot of money to buy multiple units of the same device in different colors, we typically just pick the one we like the most and stick with it. However, Vivo wants to make those choices easier in the future.


Despite US-China Tensions, Apple Was The Fastest Growing Brand In China
It is no secret that tensions between the US and China are at an all-time high, but it seems that despite the frosty attitudes both countries have against each other, Apple actually seems to be doing pretty well over in China. This is according to a report from Counterpoint Research where they found that Apple was the fastest growing smartphone brand in Q2 2020.

This Fast Charge Tech Can Fully Charge A 4,000mAh Battery In Minutes
Smartphone batteries aren’t necessarily getting bigger, but the upside is that charging tech has been improving. This means that even if our phone batteries aren’t that big, they can at least charge faster which should help reduce certain inconveniences, but we reckon that iQOO’s charging tech could very well take the cake.

Vivo's 120W FlashCharge Can Charge A 4,000mAh Battery In 13 Minutes
Not to be outdone by Xiaomi and the 100W charging system that it announced in March this year, Vivo today showed off its SuperFlashCharge technology which it claims is a 120W charging system. Vivo says that it can charge a 4,000mAh phone battery in just 13 minutes. This would certainly make it the fastest charging system on the market if Vivo actually ships a device with it.

Vivo V15 Pro Announced With A Popup Selfie Camera
MWC 2019 will be kicking off next week, but it seems that several companies are opting to announce their phones ahead of the event. One of those companies is Vivo who has recently taken the wraps off their latest smartphone in the form of the Vivo V15 Pro, a phone which has done away with the notch in favor of a popup selfie camera.

Vivo Apex 2019 Touts A 'Full Display' Fingerprint Sensor And 5G
Vivo is known for showing off some ambitious smartphone concepts at trade shows and you can bet that it will have a thing or two to showcase at MWC 2019 next month. It has revealed the Vivo Apex 2019. This is a successor to last year’s Apex concept which had a pop-up selfie camera which later appeared on the Vivo Nex. The Apex 2019 takes things up a notch with […]

Vivo Nex Dual Display Edition Arrives With Two Screens
Vivo had one of the most talked about phones of the year. The Vivo Nex took a different approach to eliminate the camera notch. It had a slider mechanism with the front camera and sensors that popped up as and when required. Vivo is out with another model of the Nex today and it does away with the slider for another solution. The Vivo Nex Dual Display Edition has two […]

Vivo V11 Review: Fullscreen Android With In-Screen Fingerprint ReaderEditor's Pick
The Vivo V11 delivers a stunning display in a thin-and-light form-factor, which is a priority for many users but its speed is not as high as near competitors.

Vivo X23 Teased In China With In-Display Fingerprint Sensor
Despite many rumors claiming that Apple or Samsung could be the first to the market with a smartphone with an in-display fingerprint sensor, it turned out that Vivo was one of the first to launch such a device. The company has since expanded on their lineup of smartphones with in-display sensors, and now it looks like we might have another model to look forward to.

Vivo Android Pie Updates Will Be Released In Q4
Now that Google has released Android 9 Pie all eyes are on its OEM partners to see how quickly they are able to release the latest iteration of its mobile platform for their devices. The update has only been released for Pixel smartphones and the Essential Phone so far. Chinese manufacturer Vivo has said that it’s going to start rolling out Android Pie for supported devices in the fourth quarter […]

Vivo Nex Global Launch Confirmed
Vivo launched the highly anticipated Vivo Nex last month. It’s the company’s first device that features a motorized solution for the selfie camera. This enabled the company to significantly stretch the screen-to-body ratio and offer a device that’s unlike most of its rivals. The handset was initially made available in China for roughly $700 and the company has now confirmed that it’s going to be rolling out this handset globally.

Teardown Reveals How The Vivo Nex’s Popup Camera Works
The problem with so-called full screen smartphones is that they’re not 100% full screen. This is because components like the speaker and front-facing camera still need to be placed somewhere, resulting in the notched design. However Vivo has “fixed” this with the Nex smartphone which featured a popup camera.

Vivo Nex Launched With Bezel-Less Display And Pop-Up Camera
Some of you might remember that Vivo showcased an impressive concept smartphone at the Mobile World Congress 2018 in February this year called the Apex. It had a notch-free bezel-less display in the true sense of the word with a screen-to-body-ratio of more than 90 percent. Since the device didn’t have a notch where the front camera could be placed, Vivo opted for a motorized solution which makes the selfie […]

Vivo's All-Screen Device With Pop-Up Camera Launches June 12th
Vivo has been quick in bringing new technologies to market that other OEMs have been experimenting with. For years, we have heard that Samsung is experimenting with an in-display fingerprint sensor but Vivo already has a device out on the market with such a sensor. The company showed off its Apex concept smartphone earlier this year. It’s an all-screen device with a pop-up camera and Vivo has now confirmed that […]

Vivo Launches Smartphone With Display-Based Fingerprint Sensor Globally
Chinese smartphone manufacturer Vivo showcased a prototype smartphone with a display-based fingerprint sensor at the Consumer Electronics Show 2018 in January. The company quickly brought the device to market, releasing it as the Vivo X21 UD the very next month. However, Vivo only released the handset in its home country of China. A few months after the initial launch, Vivo is now bringing this handset to more markets across the […]

Vivo's Apex Concept Phone Could Be Released Later This Year
Vivo unveiled a rather interesting concept at the Mobile World Congress 2018 last month called the Vivo Apex. The handset has a bezel-less display in the true essence of the word as it maximizes screen real estate by relying on an in-display fingerprint sensor and a front-facing camera that actually pops up from the top bezel. The company didn’t say anything about availability at that time but a new report […]

Vivo's Popup Selfie Camera Concept Was Already Patented By Essential
Vivo showed off a concept device at the Mobile World Congress 2018 last month called the Vivo Apex. The device has a bezel-less display in the true sense of the world and since the display panel covers the entire front, its solution for the front-facing camera involved a motorized popup mechanism that takes 0.8 seconds to bring up the selfie camera. It turns out that this idea was already patented […]