steam-recordWe know that there are many Windows users out there who have held back on upgrading to Windows 8 simply because the change in the UI is a little too jarring for their tastes. It could also be that they’re perfectly fine with Windows Vista/7’s features. However according to Steam’s recent stats, it looks like Windows 8 users are on the rise.

Granted this hardly means that there are more users switching to Windows 8, it could also mean that current Windows 8 users are downloading and installing Steam. That being said, according to the data from Valve’s Steam Hardware and Software survey for the month ending in June, it has been found that the percentage of Windows 8/8.1 users on Steam has increased to 25.11%, up from the previous month’s 24.98%.

Breaking this down even further, Windows 8.1 64-bit accounted for 16.19%, while Windows 8.1 32-bit accounted for 0.45%. As for Windows 8 users, their number has decreased by 0.46% and now sits at 8.01%, while its 32-bit counterpart is sitting at 0.46%. Based on this we can only assume that more Windows 8 users are starting to upgrade to Windows 8.1.

So, what about other platforms? Well Apple’s OS X currently commands 3.59% of the market share on Steam, while Linux has a 1.2% share, with the rest going to other builds of Windows, like Windows 7, for example.

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