xiaomi-mi-4When it comes to selling a product, there is no better way than to blow your own trumpet – that is, the speed at which a particular device would actually sell. It seems that the folks over at Xiaomi might be in a spot at the moment, having blown their own trumpet about selling out their supply of Xiaomi Mi3 smartphones in a matter of just 40 minutes in India. How about having sold 10,000 of Xiaomi Redmi Notes in just one second? The Taiwan Fair Trade Commission (FTC) will open an investigation into such claims after receiving complaints.

Touted to be “hunger marketing” campaigns, the Taiwan FTC is rather concerned that such campaigns might be a process to hype up a particular handset in order to make said device look more valuable than it actually is, or harder to find at least. Should the FTC’s investigations point out that Xiaomi’s claims to the number of devices sold within the claimed amount of time are untrue, then the manufacturer could be slapped with a fine of up to $20,000.

This would not so much hurt Xiaomi’s financial situation in the short term, but if its credibility were to be hit, it might take some time to recover and gain the trust of the masses in the future.

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