Apple shifted from the old 30 pin connector to the Lightning cables for a variety of reasons. Not only did the smaller setup leave more space inside the shell it also allowed the company to make the connector reversible. This means that there’s no “right way” to plug it in so users don’t have to fumble. However on the other end it has a conventional USB connector which isn’t reversible so there’s significant fumbling involved when plugging it in a wall outlet or an adapter. But it appears that Apple may have come up with a solution.

Sonny Dickson, an Australian teen who surged to popularity last year after leaking shells of both new iPhones last year, has tweeted a picture of what is supposedly the next generation Lightning cable from Apple. Apparently the new cable will be shipped with the company’s upcoming mobile devices before its sold as a separate accessory.

Its not like nobody has ever thought about making a reversible USB connector, in fact only recently this subject was under discussion. Apple’s rumored solution appears to be a thin layer of pins that floats in the middle of the connector. This means that there’s room enough on both sides for the connector to slide in a plug.

If Apple is indeed going to release these new cables its likely that they may be mentioned at the company’s iPhone event next month. The company has neither confirmed or denied the existence of the new Lightning cable that is reversible at both ends.

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