botlrWhen you decide to spend the night at a hotel, most of the time you would get what you pay for – 5 star prices equals to 5 star service, but sometimes even the most genteel of humans do go through a bad day once in a while, and that might affect the guests’ stay on the premises. How about interacting with a robot then? This is what Botlr, the robotic bellhop, was made for as it moves about in the Aloft hotel lobby.


Botlr will begin “working” from the 20th of August onward, where he functions as a wheeled service vehicle that will bring items back and forth from the hotel lobby desk all the way to guest rooms. Does this mean it signals the demise of the human bellhop? Not quite, actually, especially when you take into consideration that there is nothing quite like the human touch that will warm your heart and make your stay all the more memorable. Still, whenever a hotel is short on staff, and things need to get moving, robots like the Botlr would definitely come in handy.

Then again, Aloft Hotels and Savioke, who happened to design Botlr, claims that they are working on making the hotel embrace technology, increasing the efficiency level, but would not fully replace their human talent with future versions of more intelligent and efficient models. Hmm, the same cannot be said if you’re flipping burgers, though.

Other personal butler robots that we have seen in the past include the UBR-1 Personal Robot Butler,

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