burger-flipping-botAre robots well on their way to dominating mankind to such an extent, that we would soon be out of a job? Not really, especially when it comes to jobs that require plenty of thought. Flipping burgers, however, can be an opportunity for robots to work at it better than humans, thanks to a company that calls themselves Momentum Machines, this particular robot hopes to change the way the fast food industry works, and it might even see some line cooks out of a job eventually.


It seems that this particular robot is capable of slicing toppings like tomatoes and pickles immediately before it places the slice onto your burger, which would mean the freshness factor is increased, and fresh ingredients that have not yet been exposed to our surroundings would definitely offer a nicer taste for customers. Apart from that, this robot is touted to be more consistent and sanitary in nature, producing up to 360 hamburgers each hour – which translates to a single burger in just 10 seconds.

In fact, Momentum Machines are working on a second generation of this robot that is touted to deliver custom meat grinds for customers. Do you think that burger joints could see some of their line chefs become obsolete? At least robots do not play politics at the workplace, and they have no complaints about the long working hours and low pay.

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