1408974664000-RCI-Bionic-BarThe use of robots in our daily lives isn’t exactly new, and while we have heard of robot bartenders, it seems that Royal Caribbean cruise company is expected to deploy them in full on their newest cruise ship – the Quantum of the Seas. The company’s newest cruise ship will be equipped with a Bionic Bar which is essentially a bar with a robot bartender.

Now if you were thinking that you could expect to find a humanoid robot behind the bar, you might be disappointed. Instead the Bionic Bar will feature a couple of robotic arms which will move to grab bottles and make your drinks. To order a drink, the customer would have to input their request on a tablet which will then be relayed to the robot who will then mix the drinks and delivered to the guest.

However due to the reach of the arms, we guess the robot will only be able to deliver drinks to the bar counter only, and that guests who are seated elsewhere will have to get their drinks delivered by humans. Speaking to USA Today, Royal Caribbean’s chairman Richard Fain described the robot’s features. “It’s a single arm, and it will go get the ice and the mints and the lemons, and it will squeeze them and shake them. You can be quite customized. That’s part of the whole concept of cruising.”

So if you were thinking about taking a cruise and wouldn’t mind being attend to at the bar by a robot, then perhaps the Quantum of the Seas is a cruise you’ll want to check out. It is expected to depart from New York this fall.

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