barobotRobots that mixes drinks for you, now where have we seen that before? Yes, we have seen our fair share of robot bartenders, but that doesn’t mean that it makes it any less cool. Enter the Barobot. The Barobot is an open-sourced robot bartender that has the ability to mix drinks for you. The project is currently trying to raise money on Kickstarter in order to bring the device to the market, although it looks like they might be having a pretty hard time.

The Barobot is pretty much like your standard robot bartender. It comes with the ability to accommodate up to 12 bottles of drinks, so you will be able to add a variety of alcoholic beverages for it to mix for you. It will also come with a 7-inch tablet that you control the device with, and will also allow users to choose from more than a 1,000 drinks.

Unfortunately there are some limitations to the Barobot, which is that it does not shake the drinks for you. There are some recipes that call for the bartender to use a shaker to shake things up a bit, but unfortunately that’s where the Barobot falls a bit short. However its creators claim that the height from which the drinks are poured will allow it to mix properly, but we’re sure that not everyone will agree with that.

In any case if you think that you want to save yourself the hassle of mixing your own drinks and would like the novelty of a robot doing it for you, then the Barobot is a Kickstarter project you will want to look into. Now the good news is that if you don’t want to spend that much money, there is a DIY version of the Barobot which basically means you’ll have to assemble it yourself. This will set you back around $1,300, versus the fully assembled version that will got for $2,500, ouch.

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