tardis-restroomBeing a Time Lord might sound extremely glamorous, but do remember that even being able to travel through time is not going to do much if you happen to suffer from a full bladder. After all, I am quite sure that we are more than familiar with the saying, “When you’ve gotta go, you’ve gotta go!” For those who are in the UK, you might want to drop by the Warmley Waiting Room Cafe that comes with outfitted a replica Tardis, not to mention this Tardis sports a Victorian-style bathroom.


This rather quaint cafe and tea house is located along the bicycle path from Bristol to Bath in the U.K. I suppose it does serve up some decent grub such as baked bread, coffee, cakes, and sandwiches, but chances are the life-size Tardis toilet would be the main attraction for any tourist – as well as locals, and basically anyone else who is interested in the Doctor Who series.

Building the Doctor Loo required Justin Hoggars, the owner of the Warmley Waiting Room, to pick up a full-size replica Tardis, before doing some extensive renovation work within to transform a time traveling box into that of a Victorian-style bathroom. It will be fitted with a toilet, a sink with hot and cold water, and a hand dryer, all the creature comforts of a bladder or tummy in distress.

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