Keeping up with Ubergizmo

Keeping up with Ubergizmo

Tablets and education seem to go hand-in-hand, although earlier this year the LA School District decided to put a halt to their iPad rollout after they discovered that students had managed to bypass the restrictions placed on the tablets, and who ended up playing games and browsing the web instead of using the tablet for educational purposes.

However it seems that did not discourage the the Esko School District in Minnesota where according to reports, they have begun rolling out iPads to their students. Students in grades four through 12th will be provided with iPads on a one-on-one basis starting this school year. As for those in the younger grades such as kindergarten through 3rd grade, the district will provide six iPads per room.

The effort by the district is to help save money on textbooks and paper by going digital. According to Ben Haugen, a math teacher in the district, “I think the ultimate goal is to just give kids opportunities to calibrate with their learning instead of sitting their seats and listening to a lecture and taking notes.”

This move is similar to that of airline companies where they have replaced heavy flight bags with tablets, thus saving on weight carried in planes while cutting down on the amount of paper being used. Will Minnesota’s schools fare better with iPads compared to the LA School District? Well we guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

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