google_logoGoogle certainly has made a name for itself in the world of search, and it does not look as though they are about to slow down anytime soon. Well, Google has incorporated automatic image scanning in the past (and still do) when it comes to combating the evils of child exploitation online, with this particular mode of monitoring working even within emails. After all, the Houston police managed to arrest a registered sex offender thanks to Google, who sent the long arm of the law a tip that this person had illegal photos of children within his Gmail account.


This particular notice from Google resulted in a warrant at the beginning, but it also led to the police stumbling upon other incriminating images that would not have been found without the initial tip off from Google. What makes this particular bust all the more noteworthy, sort of as a milestone for the times, is the fact that no public clues were available as to reveal the offender’s activity. No sir, there was no website or anything of that sort, other than the other party that the offender contacted. In this instance, Google was the sole party who knew what was going on online, which might send shudders down the spine of others when it comes to privacy issues. [Press Release]

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