google-fit-preview-sdkBoth Google and Apple have definitely grown to rival one another across many fronts, regardless of whether they happen to be software or hardware based. Word went around that Google would come up with a Healthkit rival prior to Google I/O kicking off this year, and a semblance of such an indirect competitor arrived in the form of Google Fit. Well, we are pleased as punch to bring you word that the Google Fit SDK is now available for developers to come up with a possible Healthkit competitor down the road.

It must be reiterated that Google Fit does not focus mainly on the data which is gathered through a slew of wearable devices, although that does play a pretty major role in the scheme of things. Google intends to pave the way for connectivity with other devices, such as connected scales. Not only that, it would also mean that users will be able to provide developers with access to one’s health history, which in turn, can be gleaned to a bunch of other apps that focus on different aspects of life such as exercise, sleep tracking, and weight tracking, among others

The released Google Fit SDK will hold a trio of APIs, which will comprise of the Sensors API, the Recording API and the History API. [Press Release]

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