google-play-logo-630x399Politics and religion can be extremely sensitive topics that one should not tread upon, especially if you are just about to meet with someone new, or one whom you are not familiar with. Having said that, the current conflict that is going on between Israel and Palestine has earned a breather thanks to a 72-hour ceasefire, and we can only sit tight and keep our fingers crossed that the politicians will be able to work out some sort of solution in due time so that no more lives need to be lost. Being rather high on the sensitivity radar, it goes without saying that apps which invoke the name of Gaza might tread on some toes, and that happened with Google removing the game known as Bomb Gaza from the Play Store.

Bomb Gaza happens to be a game which intends to take a lighter look at the existing conflict between Hamas of Palestine and Israel. A Google spokesperson informed Reuters that the company would remove apps which “violate [the company’s] policies,” and while Bomb Gaza did not blatantly violate Google’s policies, there was more than enough outrage from Play Store users who felt the affront of the game which trivializes all of the thousand plus lives lost on both sides in total. Chances are, Google removed Bomb Gaza under the terms of service which does not allow any kind of hate speech and abusive material.

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