sms-audioWho would have thought that starting off a brand that delivers earphones and speakers could end up as a super lucrative business, especially when you have the likes of Apple to actually snap you up? That was what happened to Beats as Apple knocked on their doors, and could 50 Cent be next in line some time down the road? After all, Intel and 50 Cent have teamed up to deliver a new set of earphones which not only ensure your ears will be able to enjoy the best kind of music possible, this set of earphones, too, can measure your heartbeat while synchronizing such data to a relevant fitness tracking app.

The BioSport In-Ear headphones will rely on an optical sensor to get the job of monitoring one’s heart rate done, while sending such information through the headphone cable to a specially concocted app that runs on a smartphone or tablet. SMS Audio, which is 50 Cent’s company behind this pair of earphones, will be based on Intel’s smart earphone design.

These smart headphones might usher out the inconvenient add-on devices that fitness buffs currently use, and it also looks good without compromising on its performance – whether in terms of the fitness angle, or via the audio angle. Expect the first pair to roll out some time before 2014 is over, although pricing details have yet to be determined.

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