intel-modemIntel, the leader in semiconductors, has added another feather to their burgeoning cap with the introduction of a brand new 3G modem that is so tiny, it only measures 300 sq mm in size, now how about that? If you were to compare that to something that the ordinary man on the street is able to identify, then using a penny as a physical comparison would be just about right.

Known as the Intel XMM 6255 modem, the whole idea of this entire 3G modem would be to ensure that a smaller and more powerful modem in the market that is capable of transmitting information quickly and wirelessly will usher in a new era of technology, especially when it comes to the fast expanding and explored “Internet of Things” (IoT for short if you love acronyms).

As the Intel XMM 6255 modem is so tiny in size, one would be able to see it in use on everyday items such as a tiny of glasses or perhaps even a watch – as that would mean whatever device that makes use of the Intel XMM 6255 modem no longer needs to be tethered to a smartphone, although one would also have to take into consideration the potential battery life drain on adding on the burden of a 3G modem. However, the Intel XMM 6255 modem has an advantage of handling ‘low signal network coverage’ admirably, picking up signals in areas where the signal happens to be sparse, all doing away with the need for a large 3G antennae that normally functions as a signal booster. [Press Release]

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