Earlier this year Google showed off its upcoming Android release. Even though it revealed the software’s features Google didn’t say what it will be called once the software is rolled out. It is known as Android L right now and a final moniker will be attached to it when the time comes for public release. Google hasn’t hinted as yet when they may call it but there’s mounting evidence to support a theory that Android L may end up being called Lemon Meringue Pie.

If you know how Google names Android releases you won’t be surprised to see the name of a dessert. That’s how Google names it, it is the way this has always been done. We’re coming up from KitKat right now, the previous release got its name as a result of an unorthodox partnership between Google and Nestle.


The first piece of inconclusive evidence is the Wi-Fi certification for HTC’s Volantis tablet which many believe to be the Nexus 9. Under device firmware description there’s a string which includes “LMP” while the Operating System listed is “version:L.”

The second is a search result from the Android Open Source Project repository, where the LMP string comes up if one searches for “lmp.” References to LMP have also been discovered in the latest Android SDK which are labeled as “lmp-preview-release.”

It should be kept in mind though that last year it was believed that Android 4.4 will be called Key Lime Pie. Similar inconclusive evidences surfaced which had “KLP” references but as we all know ultimately Android 4.4 was called KitKat. So the possibility exists that Google might change the moniker at the last moment even if the software is internally known as Lemon Meringue Pie right now.

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