samsung-smart-thingsAs more and more hardware these days end up with the ”smart” prefix in their naming convention, it is only a matter of time before every other smart device will be “talking” to one another. Samsung might have cast an eye on the smart house, which could be why they decided to shell out $200 million for SmartThings. Just in case you were wondering what SmartThings indulges in as their bread and butter, they happen to roll out devices which will be controlled via apps on a smartphone. In a nutshell, you might just find your latest “remote control”, i.e. smartphone, to be more engaging when playing around with the settings in your house compared to playing a recently downloaded game.

Perhaps it is time to forget about using fixed timers in your home to turn on the lights during the evening when you are away from home for long stretches of time, as the constant timing will definitely alert a thief that no one’s at home. Perhaps having an app to randomly turn on and off the lights in and around your home will spook those who have targeted your home for burglary next.

Samsung intends to keep SmartThings open, so that both developers and producers of hardware can continue to contribute software and hardware to the platform without any restrictions. It does look as though this acquisition was made to help Samsung get a foot into the smarthome integration market, as Apple also has something that is not too different in the form of HomeKit. [Press Release]

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