slingshot-facebookFacebook’s great when it comes to keeping in touch with family and friends all over, not to mention tracking down old acquaintances. In fact, you might be surprised at how you can make new friends through the fabled six degrees of separation idea. Having said that, it is also easy to comment on other peoples’ images and posts, and with Facebook’s Slingshot, it will introduce the ability to add ‘reactions-to-reactions’, where one can bypass reply to unlock.

The Facebook Slingshot photo messaging service and app has received an update earlier this week, and as users gain the ability to bypass the “reply-to-unlock” mechanic, they will now be able to reply to “reactions” using a choice of photos, video or text. In fact, Slingshot version 1.1 is shaping itself up to loosen restrictions under the “reply-to-unlock” mode of operation, where in a fair number of instances, users will first need to respond to an unrelated post before they are able to continue with a conversation.

This makes things a whole lot easier and less complicated, not to mention ease of use is always a welcome feature where mobile apps are concerned. Slingshot version 1.1 will remain free on the App Store as an 11MB download.

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