piano-cloudThe hills are alive, with the sound of music! Well, so much for the hills, but what about the cities? For those who are looking for something that is slightly different, how about a smart piano that is capable of churning out tunes depending on how the clouds right above it form? Needless to say, this will need to work in an open area, where music composed will depend on the density, speed and shape of the clouds.

This particular instrument is the brainchild of U.S. artist David Bowen, where the image of the clouds above the piano will be separated into different segments depending on a computer program, where information concerning the clouds’ movements as well as composition are then analyzed further.

Using such techniques, the robot will then be able to figure out just how much pressure it ought to place on the piano keys, in addition to adjusting the tempo of the composed tune accordingly. This particular instrument will be paraded in an art gallery in Saint Etienne, France, so that the world will be able to see an amalgamation on how nature and technology are able to come together.

How majestic are the works of the skies, and I suppose this is where some creative license can be taken to declare that the heavens will shout and declare a case for creative design.

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