sony digital paperEarlier this year, Sony took the wraps off an interesting device called the Digital Paper. It is basically an e-reader/tablet that uses an e-ink display which we have to admit is a pretty unique device given its size. Prior to this, the tablet was only sold through a handful of retailers and was reportedly sold out most of the time.

It seems that Sony has decided that there could be enough demand for the Digital Paper and has since started to offer the device directly via Sony’s website as well as several other licensed resellers. Unfortunately for international customers who had their eye on the device, you would be out of luck as it seems that the sales of the tablet will be limited to the US for now.

Sony knows that they do not expect the Digital Paper to overtake the likes of the iPad and has positioned it as a device aimed at students and working professionals who might need the large surface and e-ink display, and also where its users will be able to make notes on the tablets and PDF files with the use of a stylus.

Unfortunately the Sony Digital Paper does not come cheap and is priced at a whopping $1,100. Like we said, it’s not designed for regular folks in mind so if you’re a student or professional that can justify the price of the Digital Paper, perhaps it could be worth checking out.

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