fish-sf2-twitchFish are not exactly the smartest creatures on the block, so how the heck are they supposed to be able to handles stuff like games? Well, we have seen Grayson the betta fish handle Pokemon in the past, but this time around, here we are with another Twitch livestream that points to how a couple of fish sharing a tank being involved in a game of Street Fighter II.

Yes sir, Capcom’s famous beat ‘em up that had children waste quarter after quarter when the game was a massive hit when it arrived at arcades, and in the years after that, on 16-bit consoles like the Sega Genesis and the SNES, is now playable by two fish that live in the same aquarium.

A camera will snap a photo of both fishes’ current position in the tank, before running an algorithm to convert those positions into moves within Street Fighter II. Don’t bother getting out the popcorn and watching a hugely tactical match, since the action is pretty much a yawner, being more of a proof of concept than anything else. Unless the planets line up accordingly, or when pigs sprout wings to fly across our skies, this match will take a fair amount of time to end. Don’t expect to see clever combos and perfect matches in such a setup, you’ll only be disappointed.

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