twitch-ddosIt looks like the group known as the Lizzard Squad, who were the ones that claimed responsibility for the attack on Sony’s PS4 network which was an effort to raise awareness on how Sony should focus more on security in their services with all the money that the company is making, is back again. This time around, it is not Sony’s recovered PS4 network that falls under the spotlight, but rather, it would be Amazon’s latest purchase that is affected – After costing Amazon close to a cool billion dollars, it goes to show that all the money in the world will still be unable to get you a secure online channel or service.


This DDOS attack has sent offline, where the status page did point out that not only is affected, but other services as well are undergoing some kind of disruption. Needless to say, this is a major inconvenience to those who intend to sit back and enjoy some bit of gaming.

It remains to be seen (or heard, for that matter) as to when will the Lizzard Squad cease their targeting of Twitch, or even to figure out the reasoning behind such an action. Was it because they wanted to show the world that they could do so, or were they upset by the news that Amazon had bought over Twitch? Only time will tell, but then again, time is also the great healer of DDOS attacks.

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