At the moment wireless chargers are really that wireless. You’d have to put it on a charging mat in order to charge your devices, so you’re not as free as you’d think. Qi has recently updated their standard and even though devices now have a little bit of wiggle room, it’s still not completely wireless.

Well thanks to the folks at uBeam, it seems that such wireless charging technology could be making its way into the market soon. uBeam’s wireless charging technology was actually shown off a few years ago, although recently the company has revealed a prototype that will be used as a model for the upcoming consumer version.

Unlike currently wireless chargers, uBeam’s solution is truly wireless as you could walk around your room with your device in your hand and see it charge. This is thanks to the company’s use of ultrasound-based technology which converts electricity into sound, which is then transmitted over ultrasound. It is then received by a receiver on your device which then converts it back to energy to charge your device.

There are some limitations as the technology can’t pass through walls, but we reckon that’s a small price to pay for freedom. No word on when uBeam’s wireless charging technology will hit the market, but hopefully it will be sooner rather than later.

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