refugee ps2We know that there are probably still many gamers out there playing with the Sony PlayStation 3. After all developers are still releasing games for the PS3, which means that for now there isn’t really a compelling enough reason to switch to the PlayStation 4. However are there many gamers left who still own or play the PlayStation 2?

Well in some parts of the world where money is scarce and gaming consoles aren’t really a priority, having a PlayStation 2 is something of a luxury. It seems that over in Uganda, it has been reported (via Kotaku) that one particular refugee by the name of Mohammed Osman Ali has cobbled together a PlayStation 2 and somehow turned his place at the refugee camp into an “arcade”.

He has managed to get the PlayStation 2 console to work and has made numerous modifications to it, but unfortunately as it stands, Ali only has access to one game and one game only – FIFA. He is currently making a living by renting out the console to other refugees to play where he charges $0.20 for 10 minutes of gameplay. It doesn’t sound like a lot and while it won’t be making Ali a rich man, he does credit the fact that it gives him something to do while preserving his sanity.

After all we can’t imagine what it would be like to be living in a refugee camp for five years, so safe to say that his business and the entertainment it affords goes a long way in providing him a nice break from reality.

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