There aren’t that many reasons why one would want to purchase a PlayStation 2 now. That console is over a decade old, granted that it was popular back in its day, but the PlayStation 3 held its own in the market and since late 2013 the PlayStation 4 has been ruling the market. Perhaps that’s why almost two years back GameStop said that it would no longer accept PlayStation 2 trade-ins, but the company seems to have changed its mind, because its allowing people to trade-in their PS2 units once again.

The Sony PlayStation 2 had a 13-year run in the market. During this time the company moved more than 150 million units around the world. This makes the PlayStation 2 the best-selling console ever.

On June 1st, 2013, GameStop stopped accepting PlayStation 2 systems and games for trade. This was almost six months after Sony formally ceased production of this console.

GameStop today sent out a new release indicating that PS2 trade-ins are back on. However those who do bring in their systems to trade-in will only receive store credit that they use in GameStop.

A PlayStation 2 console that has a power cable, A/V cable and controller will fetch $25 in store credit from GameStop. Consoles that don’t have any of those three accessories will only get their owners $20 in store credit.

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