cat-wifi-hackIt was at the end of last week that we brought you word on how a flaw in some of the more popular Wi-Fi routers that are out there in the market could reveal the password to anyone with adequate technical know how and a nefarious intention. Well, it looks like you might have another problem to contend with this time around, thanks to WarKitteh.

Security engineer Gene Bransfield has come up with what he calls the WarKitteh, a cat collar that comes infused with a whole lot of technology, turning your favorite cat into a living, breathing, independent thinking scout for Wi-Fi hackers who are, for the lack of a better description, on the prowl.

This ordinary looking cat collar actually holds a Spark Core board which is capable of mapping out wireless networks as well as their weak points – and of course, the area of coverage will largely depend on wherever Garfield or Felix chooses to wander off. You can never quite tell with cats, that is for sure.

Perhaps you might want to be a bit more wary the next time you notice just how often your neighbor’s cat hangs out around your home in the past few weeks, and it cannot be because of a catnip-infused pillow.

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