wikipedia-bitcoinThe folks over at Wikipedia are always in need of money in order to run their collection of servers, and university students ought to be the ones indebted to Wikipedia due to the repository of information in there which comes in useful where their research is concerned, although it should never be taken in the form of the gospel truth. Well, it is nice to know that Wikipedia has begun to accept Bitcoin donations as of last week, and interestingly enough, they have managed to collect a whopping $140,000 worth of donations in the form of Bitcoin since such an announcement.

WIkipedia will have plans to convert to the far more stable US dollar for safekeeping, of course, as you can never quite tell just when will the value of Bitcoin plummet. Coinbase, a popular Bitcoin exchange, happens to be the provider of Wikipedia’s choice, where the apparent success of the first week of donations can be attributed to “the decentralized, inclusive nature of Wikipedia is well aligned with Bitcoin” – at least according to Coinbase.

It must be noted that $140,000 is adequate to ensure that Wikipedia’s servers will be able to remain fully operational for a stretch of weeks at a time.

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