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Facebook Testing Wikipedia Integration Into Its Search Results
When you search for something on Google, sometimes you might get a knowledge panel on the right which provides you with a brief blurb on the topic you’re searching, as well as a link to websites like Wikipedia. Now it looks like Facebook is attempting to do the same in a test that was discovered and shared by some users on Twitter.

AI Can Now Be Used To Automatically Rewrite Outdated Text In Wikipedia Entries
One of the reasons why Wikipedia is so successful is that it relies largely on user contributions. This allowed the platform to grow and populate with all manner of articles and content. However, the problem is that sometimes certain articles might not be updated with the latest information or text, meaning that there might be times you come across a Wikipedia entry with outdated text.

The North Face Comes Under Fire For Manipulating Wikipedia Pages For Marketing
One of the advantages Wikipedia has over your more traditional encyclopedias is that they are all user-submitted content. This means that anyone can add information to a Wikipedia entry which helps keep pages up to date with the latest information. The downside is that this can sometimes lead to misinformation or manipulation.

Wikipedia Integrates Google Translate To Make Editing Easier
Wikipedia offers up articles in a variety of languages to cater to users around the world who do not necessarily speak English. However that progress has been somewhat slow due to the translation tool that the website uses, but that could change soon because Wikipedia has announced that they will be integrating Google Translate into their translation tool.


Internet Archive Fixes More Than 9 Million Broken Wikipedia Links
While Wikipedia is still generally not accepted for use in colleges and universities as citation, the platform does try to maintain its credibility by linking to actual sources in their articles. Now given how old some of these Wikipedia entries are, you might have discovered on more than one occasion that some of these source links are broken.

Wikipedia’s ‘Wikipedia Zero’ Program Will Be Shutting Down
As we have seen in the case of developers and companies launching “Lite” versions of their apps designed for developing countries, this is an approach also taken by Wikipedia when they launched their Wikipedia Zero program. Unfortunately it looks like the program will be shutting down and phased out through 2018.

China Looking To Launch Their Own Version Of Wikipedia
When you want to find out something on the internet, whether it be about a country, a person, technology, a company, a song, a movie, and so on, there’s a good chance you might default to Wikipedia for that information. It is so easily and widely available that we almost take it for granted.

Wikipedia’s Co-Founder Launches ‘Wikitribune’ To Combat Fake News
Fake news is a growing problem, but thankfully we’re seeing social media platforms such as Facebook take active steps in trying to curb it. We’re also seeing efforts from the likes of Google, and even recently YouTube launched workshops in a bid to try and teach teens about how to identify fake news and how to do fact checking.

Wikipedia Looking To Develop Their Own Speech Engine
If you have no problems using your hands and your eyes, surfing websites is a breeze and you’ll be able to read and navigate it easily. However there are people out there living with disabilities that makes it hard to navigate websites, which is why Sweden’s KTH Royal Institute of Technology has recently announced that they are planning to develop a speech engine of their own.

Wikipedia Update Brings “Search Wikipedia” Option To Android
Have you surfed the net on your phone and come across a word, place, or person you’re not familiar with? We’re sure most of us have, and what we tend to do then is to do another search to find out what it is about. However the good news is that if you’re an Android user, your search process has been made a lot faster.Wikipedia has recently updated its Android […]

Mobile Carrier Will Automatically Donate 10% Of Your Bill To Charity
Right now the bills we pay to our carriers is in exchange for their services and also to help keep the company alive and to maintain and expand its infrastructure, or at least that’s where some of our money goes. Now if you’re looking to do a bit of charity at the same time, then perhaps you might be interested in a newly launched carrier in the US called The […]

NYPD Caught Sanitizing Police Brutality Wikipedia Entries
One of the great things about Wikipedia is that it is open to anyone to edit, thus making it a great resource for all kinds of information and for the information to be updated when things change (it also makes it unviable to be cited in college essays, unfortunately). However sometimes the edits might not necessarily be for the better as it could obscure the truth.This is what happened when […]

Wikipedia Starts To Accept Bitcoin Donations
The folks over at Wikipedia are always in need of money in order to run their collection of servers, and university students ought to be the ones indebted to Wikipedia due to the repository of information in there which comes in useful where their research is concerned, although it should never be taken in the form of the gospel truth. Well, it is nice to know that Wikipedia has begun […]

Publisher Plans On Printing The Entire Wikipedia
How many of you guys have grown up with hard copies of encyclopedias, raise your hands! The drawback to physical copies is that not only will they eventually go out of date, but they can never be updated, which might explain why Wikipedia has managed to become as popular as it has today. Not only is the information in Wikipedia crowd sourced, but given its digital nature, it can be […]