Wikipedia has released their list of 2012’s most read articles, which proved to be quite an interesting look at what was popular across the world, in different languages of the online encyclopedia, of course. Facebook came up tops in the English version, while over in the Land of the Rising Sun (Japan), an entry for adult video actresses performed the best. The Dutch searched for Hua Shan the most, which is a Chinese mountain that boasts of “the world’s deadliest hiking trail”.


The Persian list saw articles about its capital, Tehran, as well as the country’s New Year celebrations, in addition to entries concerning sex, female circumcision and homosexuality. As for the English version, Wiki follows Facebook in number two, and in descending order, Deaths in 2012, One Direction, The Avengers, Fifty Shades of Grey, 2012 phenomenon, The Dark Knight Rises, Google and The Hunger Games. Can you remember throughout the year, what were the kind of searches that you ran through Wikipedia the most?

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