xiaomi-mi-4For all of you who happen to own a Xiaomi device, you might want to take note. It was not too long ago that it was discovered that Xiaomi handsets that sported the MIUI user interface were sending data back to servers in China, which included the Xiaomi Redmi Note sending not only photos but texts as well to servers in Xiaomi’s home country. It seemed that an explanation was certainly required, and according to Xiaomi Vice President Hugo Barra, who made the jump to Xiaomi from Google, claimed that this is part of Xiaomi’s MUI cloud service which will enable one’s texts to be sent via the Internet in an encrypted manner without having to fork out a single cent, doing away with the need to make use of your mobile carrier’s SMS channels.

Hugo Barra also shared, “We have scheduled an OTA system update for today (Aug 10th) to implement this change. After the upgrade, new users or users who factory reset their devices can enable the service by visiting “Settings > Mi Cloud > Cloud Messaging” from their home screen or “Settings > Cloud Messaging” inside the Messaging app — these are also the places where users can turn off Cloud Messaging.”

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