Canon 5D MK II

Canon 5D MK II

For the most part when camera manufacturers advertise their cameras, they tend to emphasize on the amount of megapixels that are offered. While megapixels tend to be largely a marketing tactic, it does serve a purpose and are useful to those who need to print out large images or who want to crop images without losing too much detail.

Now as it stands, Canon’s cameras tend to come with pretty small sensors, at least compared to the competition from the likes of Nikon. For example as it stands, the EOS 5D MK III has the highest megapixel count amongst Canon’s cameras, and it’s only sitting at 22MP. Well according to the rumors, it seems that Canon could be getting ready to launch a new camera with a 50MP full frame sensor in the near future.

The rumor claims that this could take place as soon as mid-October, although that does seem a little early and sudden. According to our previous report, a Canon executive did confirm that the company was working on sensors with higher resolution, but it was suggested that this was still in the works and probably not due anytime soon.

However the folks at Sony Alpha Rumors have heard that the launch could take place 3-6 months from now, so we guess we’ll just have to wait and see if a mid-October launch will be happening or if it will only be next year that we see something bigger. In the meantime are you excited for a 50MP full frame camera from Canon?

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