ab-transformersIf there is one particular gaming franchise on the mobile phone and tablet platform which has reigned supreme for some time, it would be Rovio’s Angry Birds. There has been different “episodes”, so to speak, that have been released over the years, where each new version of Angry Birds will offer a slightly different gameplay and setting, although the premise remains the same – gain as many points as possible using the least number of birds. Having said that, Rovio has just released Angry Birds Transformers for the iOS platform, giving it a 15-day exclusivity period to boot.

As for those of you who are rocking to the Android mobile operating system, it would require some patience on your part – patience to the tune of 15 days, actually. It remains to be seen whether this is some sort of exclusivity deal that Rovio and Apple have arrived at, or is Rovio simply not taking the massive popularity of Android into consideration? Chances are it is the former, considering how large Android has grown to these days.

I guess there really isn’t much that one would miss from having to wait for a couple of weeks more. After all, it is not as though this is the “must have” game of 2014 – and beyond, and frankly, the entire Angry Birds thing has grown rather old, don’t you think so? [Press Release]

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