iphone5s_reservation_cardsDespite Apple being such a hi-tech company, they do have a rather low-tech way of handling queues. For those who have never lined up for an Apple product, basically what the company does is they hand out paper cards in which customers can choose their configurations and also to ensure that they will be able to buy the product when their turn comes.

It also helps Apple keep track of inventory to make sure that there is enough product for the customers in line. However according to a report from 9to5Mac, all of that is to change with a slightly more hi-tech solution called “Reservation Pass”. Basically this puts customers into a virtual queue and it will sync with Apple’s Back Of House inventory so that stores will know if they have enough product for those who are standing in virtual line.

Reservation Pass will send customers an email or SMS informing them that they are in queue and they will be given a digital reservation card. What this means is that customers will no longer have to physically wait in line and can go about their day and pickup their order later. Previously those standing in line were advised not to leave the queue as the paper card system was not as reliable.

Of course an alternative would be to just pre-order the handset via Apple’s website but for those who love the experience of standing in line and picking up the phone themselves, then perhaps this is a feature worth keeping an eye out for when the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus launches next Friday.

[Image Credit – ifoAppleStore]

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