AT&T logoIt was not too long ago that T-Mobile showed off their Un-carrier 7.0 move, calling it “Wi-Fi Un-leashed”. That so happened to be an effort to have the maximum number of customers to actually route their voice calls as well as text messages over a Wi-Fi network, which is extremely handy when you’re low on minutes, but are within the vicinity of a perfectly good and working Wi-Fi network. It seems that AT&T has seen the light, and the rival mobile carrier to T-Mobile has plans to roll out their very own plans for Wi-Fi calling support, too.

Recently appointed CEO to AT&T’s Mobile and Business Solutions division, Ralph de la Vega, did mention that AT&T will introduce Wi-Fi calling functionality from next year onward. de la Vega did say that this particular feature will have a complementary function to the cellular network, and he does not see Wi-Fi calling to function as a full replacement. In fact, AT&T will keep Wi-Fi calling under wraps until it has been thoroughly tested so that customers will not have stuff to complain about, such as a poor level of voice quality. If you have tried Wi-Fi calling in the past, how did you find the experience?

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