You might have noticed by now that some iPhone 6 Plus owners are flabbergasted by their brand spanking new devices bending when carried around in pockets, particularly tight pockets in jeans. The issue is now widely being referred to as #Bendgate and quite a few people have been struck by it up till now. It looks like if the bent iPhone 6 Plus units have been used in a normal fashion Apple may replace those units under warranty.

Folks at TheNextWeb asked about the issue via Apple support chat were the representative said it is “100 percent up to the Genius you speak at the store.” The Genius will first conduct a test which is called the Visual Mechanical Inspection and if it passes that the unit will be replaced under warranty, provided that all of the guidelines are met. If not then customers will have to pay for a replacement.

The representative was unable to expand more on the guidelines that the Genius Bar follows because chat support staff is not provided that information, but did mention that they’re looking into this issue “with an insane amount of detail.”

Apple hasn’t made its position on this issue entirely clear but for now it looks like bent iPhone 6 Plus units will be replaced provided that they meet the guidelines. Obviously if you’ve bent the device with your own bare hands like this then you’re most certainly out of luck.

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