wow_take2.0_cinema_960.0When we think about eSports, we think of competitive games like StarCraft 2, DotA 2, League of Legends, and so on, and rarely do we equate playing an MMORPG like World of Warcraft as being one. That being said, it seems that Blizzard could be looking at ways to turn World of Warcraft into an eSport.


Speaking to PCGamesN, Blizzard’s head of eSports Kim Phan was quoted as saying that this is an area that Blizzard wants to look at. “I can definitely say that WoW 3v3 Arena right now is kind of hard to watch, in the form that it is. And so there are things that we want to evaluate.” He adds that World of Warcraft was created way before the eSports scene really blew up.

Phan also added that games like Hearthstone are something that people really enjoy spectating, that and how live raids and BlizzCon have also been something that the audience enjoys, which is why the question is how can Blizzard retool World of Warcraft into something that the audience might appreciate.

After all watching live raids is all good if you know what’s going on. From a layman’s perspective, raids, and also depending on the UI of the player, can be extremely confusing with the different mechanics and spells being cast at once. Of course there’s no guarantee that Blizzard will be able to turn World of Warcraft into an eSport, but what do you guys think? Is there a possibility?

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