elloAre you a huge fan of social networks, but over the years, you have realized that one giant stood out amongst the sea of competitors, and that would be Facebook? So much for Friendster or MySpace, or if you were to turn the clock back even more, how about e-Circles? Having said that, here is a possible competitor to Facebook known as Ello.

Ello happens to sport a new and clean design, where it is touted to be “ad-free and porn friendly” as well. Apart from that, it currently remains as a beta version of a social network. Having first been founded in March by Paul Budnitz (who happens to be the billionaire founder of Kidrobot) alongside a bunch of like-minded people, Ello got off the blocks as a private social network.

Right now, Ello remains an “invite only” social network, and its workings are extremely bare bones – we are talking about just a standard issue news/friend feed – that’s it. Forget about having a mobile version, and there are no protocols as yet when it comes to content flagging, user blocking, the works. Well, I guess the lack of a mobile version is good for one thing – you do not need to sit down with your dinner date while having the both of you check on your mobile devices! Where will Ello go from here? Only time will tell.

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