engoWe all live in an era where mobile devices are the norm, and some of us even tote around at least a couple of gadgets whenever we leave the home. Can’t live without them and all that jazz, of course. Well, there will be times when our device starts to run low on juice due to over-extended use on a particular day, which is why the idea of an ENGO charging station can be rather appealing.

The ENGO charging station will rely on a unique combination of kinetic tiles as well as solar panels so that it can power up to 14 different smartphones simultaneously, all the while offering free Wi-Fi connectivity as well as access to an emergency phone. It makes sense, really, to place something like the ENGO charging station in areas where there is plenty of foot traffic – such as at the crazy Shibuya crossing in Tokyo, Japan.

The kinetic tiles would do their job of harvesting energy from footsteps, while during the day, solar panels will help to power up all of the 14 connected mobile devices. Each ENGO charging station will sport 10 charging cables that ought to be able to fit most models of smartphones and tablets, a pair of USB charge ports, and two wireless charging pads. It is not even a proof of concept, but has already been installed at the main campus of Webster University in St. Louis.

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