One of the simplest ways for popular services to make money is to run advertisements. Take Spotify for example, the popular music streaming service announced last week that it will soon be displaying video ads. Flipboard is another, it had already announced last month that video ads will soon be arriving to its mobile applications and now they’re here. Starting today Flipboard users will being to see video ads as they flip through the content on their mobile devices.

Initially the full screen video ads are being tested with a handful of advertisers that include some big names like Gucci, Chrysler, Conrad Hotels & Resorts, Jack Daniel’s and the film “Fury” by Sony Pictures Film. These advertisements will appear in full-page slots that will come up when users are swiping through the content on a Flipboard app.

Video ads won’t be automatically played when a user comes across them, users will have to tap to play, but Flipboard is considering adding the auto-play functionality. During the initial test the company will monitor how its users interact with advertisements and that will ultimately determine if auto-play will be added or not.

Flipboard video ads will be displayed on all types of content, even from major publications such as the Vanity Fair magazine or The New York Times, as well as user-curated magazines that include content from a wide variety of sources.

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