ios 9 newsPrior to the launch of iOS 9, there were rumors that Apple was planning on debuting a new Flipboard-like app that would replace the Newsstand app. Sure enough they did with the launch of the News app with iOS 9. The app is a magazine-style app similar to Flipboard which will also curate content based on what it thinks you like from your browsing habits.

Now we can only imagine that Flipboard can’t be too thrilled with that but surprisingly enough they are. In fact Flipboard believes that despite the News app being a competitor to their own product, they can still work together which is admittedly a rather healthy approach to the whole situation.

According to Flipboard’s CEO Mike McCue, “We’re clearly onto something at Flipboard. What Apple was showing is something that we actually shipped five years ago. In the world that we live into today, you have to be able to both work with companies, and even when they’re competing with you on certain fronts that doesn’t mean you don’t work with them.”

McCue adds that by working with their competitor, it can sometimes help one to grow as a company. “There’s still opportunities to work with them. And in doing that, what you can typically find are ways in which you can continue to grow. This is not a winner take all situation.” Now we’re not sure what both companies could do together since they would essentially be making the same product, but it’s nice to see that Flipboard isn’t too upset with Apple encroaching on their turf.

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