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Flipboard Database Leaked Usernames And Passwords
It’s not uncommon for online services to get infiltrated which results in the username and passwords of countless users being compromised. That is precisely what has happened with Flipboard. The news aggregator has confirmed that some of its databases were accessed by an unauthorized copy which resulted in usernames and passwords of its users being compromised.

Looping Video Ads Coming To Flipboard
Flipboard is a very popular app that aggregates news from a variety of sources and then presents it in a magazine style format, it’s available on a variety of platforms and continues to grow. It was only a matter of time before advertising appeared in the app to provide the developers with revenue and today they’ve introduced a new kind of ad products which will put looping video ads between the […]

Flipboard Responds To Apple’s News App
Prior to the launch of iOS 9, there were rumors that Apple was planning on debuting a new Flipboard-like app that would replace the Newsstand app. Sure enough they did with the launch of the News app with iOS 9. The app is a magazine-style app similar to Flipboard which will also curate content based on what it thinks you like from your browsing habits.Now we can only imagine that […]

Apple Reportedly Replacing Newsstand With Flipboard-Like App
We’re less than an hour away from the Apple keynote at Worldwide Developers Conference 2015 so this will be cleared up soon enough, but according to a new report today the company is going to announce that it’s replacing the Newsstand app on iOS with a new free application that would more or less be like Flipboard. For those who are unaware, Flipboard is a very popular application which brings […]


Yahoo And Google Reportedly Considering Flipboard Acquisition As Well
It was reported recently that Twitter might be interested in acquiring Flipboard, the magazine-style news aggregator that has become quite popular over the years and has expanded its presence across multiple platforms. There’s a new report out which claims that Twitter might not be the only company that’s courting Flipboard, apparently Google and Yahoo have similar intentions though it’s not known at this point in time which company has made the […]

Twitter Reportedly In Talks To Acquire Flipboard
Some of you guys might be familiar with Flipboard, a magazine-style app that delivers news onto your smartphone and tablet based on the topics you might be interested in. It’s a pretty nicely-designed app that makes reading the news more fun, and if the rumors are to believed, it seems that Twitter might be interested in acquiring the company.This is according to a report from Re/code who claims to have […]

Flipboard Arrives On The Web
Ever since Flipboard was launched it has remained mobile only. The app provided users with mobile magazines that pulled in information from a variety of sources, displayed it neatly and rather beautifully in a flippable magazine style on smartphones and tablets. A web version was never launched, until today. Flipboard has finally arrived on the web.

Twitter Ads Will Now Be Visible In Other Apps
Ads are a major source of revenue for Twitter as they are for most social networks but the revenue they’re bringing in for this microblogging network isn’t enough to help it grow as quickly as it wants to. So Twitter has to improvise and come up with new ways of making money. It was reported last month that Twitter ads could soon be offered outside of the company’s own apps […]

Major Flipboard Update Brings New Design And More
Flipboard is a popular news aggregation app that puts up content in magazine form and now its millions of users have something to look forward to. Version 3.0 of the Flipboard app for iOS and Android has been released and it brings a whole new look and feel for the app. Some new features have been added as well apart from the additional of more than 30,000 topics which can […]

Flipboard For Windows Phone Available For Download
In April at the BUILD conference this year, Flipboard for Windows Phone was spotted, although there was nothing official about it. Having said that, it seems that Flipboard has, at long last, ensured that its official first-party application today will be made available at no cost at all to those who happen to spend their time in the Windows Phone store.

Flipboard Video Ads Arrive Today
One of the simplest ways for popular services to make money is to run advertisements. Take Spotify for example, the popular music streaming service announced last week that it will soon be displaying video ads. Flipboard is another, it had already announced last month that video ads will soon be arriving to its mobile applications and now they’re here. Starting today Flipboard users will being to see video ads as they flip […]

Flipboard For Windows Phone Should Be "Available Soon"
For those who are unfamiliar, Flipboard is a magazine-style app that helps to curate news from various sources based on topics that might interest you. While there are many other similar news-style apps available, the magazine layout of Flipboard with its images makes it a bit more attractive and easier on the eyes.Now the good news for Windows Phone users is that if you were looking forward to getting the […]

Flipboard For Windows Phone Spotted At BUILD
The Flipboard app was originally designed for iOS devices in mind and unlike other apps that curates the news, Flipboard was designed to look like a magazine which gave it a more colorful and more interesting way of consuming news.It was later released onto Android and was first launched as an exclusive to the Samsung Galaxy S3, although the leaked APK basically put it up for grabs with anyone with […]

Facebook Paper Rumored To Be The Company's Answer To Flipboard
We’re sure many mobile users are familiar with Flipboard, an app that basically acts like a magazine as it helps users curate news and stories that they might be interested in. Google attempted to compete with Google Currents, and now word on the street is that Facebook could be looking to launch something similar as well with a service called Facebook Paper. At this point in time it is unclear […]