A research team from the University of Tokyo has revealed one of their latest creations, which is touted to be one of the fastest two-legged robots in the world. Just how fast is this little critter able to go? Well, we are looking at speeds of up to 4.2 kilometers per hour, which can be roughly converted to 2.6 mph. There are four-legged robots that can run at up to 10 times the speed though.

At this point in time, majority of the robots that we are aware of in the industry are controlled by what is commonly known as “zero moment point” dynamics in order to help maintain its balance. This new robot from the Japanese team will be different, as it relies on a unique combination of a high speed camera as well as a stabilizing motor in order for it to lean forward without having to suffer the ignominy of tipping over. In other words, such a combination would enable the little robot that could to run in a dynamic form.

Prof. Masatoshi Ishikawa even claims that this would also mean the robot is able to do more than run, such as performing a somersault. Known as Achires, or the Actively Coordinated High-speed Image-processing Running Experiment System, it boasts of legs that measure 14cm in length and can take around six steps in a single second. Right now, it is capable of running for 10 seconds thereabouts, although the team intends to extend that running time in the future.

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