leica m edition 60_2Back in the day of film cameras the early iterations of digital cameras, an LCD display was not a given. Most of the time if you wanted to frame your shot, you’d have to look through your viewfinder. There were also no menus and the only way to see what you have snapped would be to actually develop them.

Nowadays LCD displays and electronic viewfinders are aplenty, but it seems that Leica has decided to go back to the basics with the Leica M Edition 60. The launch of the camera is to mark the 60th anniversary of the Leica M3 which was released back in 1954 and according to Leica, helped set the tone of Leica’s M-series of cameras.

leica m edition 60To celebrate the anniversary, Leica has gone back to the basics by first and foremost removing the LCD display. In place of the display, Leica has added an ISO dial and has also saved all photos taken in the RAW format by default, so if you want to adjust the exposure and white balance later, you can rest assured knowing that it is possible.

Leica has yet to announce how much the Leica M Edition 60 will cost but given how much Leica prices their cameras, safe to say that it will most likely not come cheap. Especially more so given that only 600 units of the camera will be available at launch. The camera will also come bundled with a Summilux 35mm f/1.4 lens and should be available for purchase in October.

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