, the instant messaging company from Japan, intends to narrow down their focus when it comes to multimedia apps after introducing SnapMovie as a standalone app. For those who are wondering just what SnapMovie is capable of bringing to the tablet, this so happens to be an app that brings Vine-like features, and right now, it is a standalone download – which will cater for Android devices only.


The SnapMovie feature was introduced to Line’s messaging app in the previous year, and to see it being “split” into a standalone app is interesting, and would definitely cause the 500 million registered users worldwide to take a second look. This standalone app release arrives slightly a month after Line introduced an app on the iOS platform which targeted selfie snapping.

The original SnapMovie was capable of recording videos of up to 10 seconds, but Line has performed some tweaks and modifications, letting this standalone app handle up to 30 seconds of video recording. Apart from that, you can also throw in “motion tiles”, which enables you to annotate your digital masterpiece with a word or phrase of your choice. When done, all of your modified videos can be shared over on various social network channels such as Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and Line. [Press Release]

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