matchstickIf you thought that forking out $35 for the Google Chromecast is far too much of a burden on your pocket, or you are thinking that the entire ecosystem is not open enough for you, perhaps the choice of picking up Matchstick’s very own TV stick might prove appealing. After all, this particular TV stick will retail for $25 a pop as it hits the market in February next year.


The Matchstick will be powered by Firefox OS, where you can fling content from a phone or PC to a TV, not to mention it comes with support for a slew of Chromecast-compatible apps right from the get go. While the Matchstick remains as a working prototype, the Matchstick team has high hopes that they can raise the required $100,000 via Kickstarter in order to get the production line going. If you would like to be the early bird this time around, why not sign up to be an early backer? After all, that would give you the privilege of reserving the Matchstick TV Stick for a mere $12. Otherwise, it is going to be priced at $25.

In terms of design, Matchstick’s TV stick does resemble the Chromecast somewhat. In order to use the Matchstick TV Stick, you will first need to plug it into your TV’s HDMI port, and it will then go online via Wi-Fi. This would subsequently allow you to determine the right content to send over to your TV screen from a compatible smartphone, tablet, or PC.

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