matrox-c-seriesMatrox might not be as popular among the masses as the undisputed “king” of graphics cards, that is, NVIDIA, but this does not mean that the company itself is on the down and out. In fact, Matrox has just announced their latest C-Series range which will include the world’s fastest fanless quad card and a high-performance six-head card that features board-to-board framelock

Matrox strongly believes that their C-Series graphics cards are more than capable of delivering outstanding performance, stability, and reliability, regardless of how demanding a particular situation can be or get. The two graphics cards are known as the Matrox C420 quad-output and the Matrox C680 six-output PCI Express graphics card, where they both boast of 2GB of on-board memory as well as mini DisplayPort support.

It does not matter whether you are into control room, digital signage, enterprise, industrial, security, A/V, or embedded system applications, either one of the two models in the C-Series will be able to get the job done – and with plenty of pizzazz, too!

The low-profile Matrox C420 quad card will boast of passive cooling that will help you work (or play) in a quieter environment, thanks to its low power consumption. Apart from that, the single-slot Matrox C680 is capable of supporting up to half a dozen displays or projectors, and will even play nice with current Ultra-HD and 4K panels, turning the C680 into an extremely versatile solution when it comes to multi-screen workstation setups. Do expect the Matrox C-Series cards to be sold officially some time in Q4 2014, so you might want to register earlier if you have already set your eyes (and heart) on this puppy. [Press Release]

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